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Car Valeting

Professional car detailing and valeting services in our state-of-the-art detailing centre in Exeter, EX2.

Car Valeting Services

Car valeting is a service provided to clean and improve the overall appearance of a vehicle. There are various levels of valeting services available. At Diamond Cut Detailing, we offer a high-level valeting service which utilises the most premium tools and best practices to ensure the vehicle is cleaned thoroughly and safely.

Deep Clean Package

Prices from £150

The deep clean package takes a minimum of 6 hours to complete and includes a complete overhaul of the exterior and interior of your vehicle. This will leave your pride and joy with that new car feel once again.

Interior Packages

Prices from £60

This package is specifically designed to tackle the interior of your vehicle specialist equipment, tools and products are used to cleanse even the most neglected vehicles. Optional extras are available including protection for fabric, leather and dash.

Exterior Packages

Prices from £50

Exterior packages start from a simple safe wash with optional extras such as a liquid decontamination and protection with sealants and waxes. This service


Prices from £60

Maintenance packages are suited to customers that have previously taken out a machine polishing, ceramic coating or deep clean package.

Exeter's Finest Detailing and Valeting Centre

Our detailing and valeting centre in Exeter has been created to offer the ultimate valeting experience. From the flooring to the lighting, to the state of the art equipment and car care products, everything has been designed and chosen to deliver an experience only rivalled by the attention to detail we pay your car.

Car Detailer in Exeter - Lewis Franklin

Meet the Detailer

Meet Lewis, owner and valeter at Diamond Cut Detailing in Exeter.

Lewis has completed a range of 121 and group training courses with Kleentec Detailing and UBV, two leading autofinesse approved and accredited detailers. As well as training and shadowing some of the best detailers in the UK to hone his skills. Paired with his meticulous attention to detail – you can trust that your car is in safe hands.

Accredited by MayvinciIMI Accreditation, and Pyramid Car Care.

Lewis founded Diamond Cut Detailing in 2019 and has invested in creating one of the most unique and well equipped car detailing spaces in Exeter and the Southwest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Car Valeting and other frequently asked questions about valeting.

Car valeting is a service provided to clean and improve the overall appearance of a vehicle. There are various levels of valeting services available, and most professionals offer a variety of packages to suit different requirements and price points.

Here at Diamond Cut Detailing, we offer a high-level valeting service which utilises the most premium tools and best practices to ensure the vehicle is cleaned thoroughly and safely.

Valeting is easiest to define when split into three main areas:

  • Exterior cleaning
  • Exterior protection
  • Interior valeting

Some valeting packages will include all these aspects, whereas some may just include an exterior or interior clean. Typically, a “mini-valet” will include an exterior wash and quick tidy up of the interior. Full valets usually include a deeper clean of the exterior and interior, as well as the application of a wax or sealant to the paintwork, and a tire and trim dressing to the exterior plastic and rubber.

Now we will go through these three aspects of valeting in some more detail, so you know what to expect.


Exterior Cleaning

The first step for most valets, is to clean the exterior of the vehicle. There are many different techniques and levels to this cleaning process though, so it isn’t quite as straight-forward as it first may seem. Here is a rundown of the potential processes and techniques involved in an exterior wash:

  • Pre-wash stage to remove as much dirt as possible before washing the paintwork using a mitt.
  • Cleaning of the wheel-face, wheel-barrel, arches and tires.
  • A contact wash, using a car shampoo and wash mitt specifically designed to be gentle on the paintwork, instead of sponges or brushes which can cause micro-scratches.
  • A two-bucket wash method can be used which involves using separate buckets for the car shampoo and water. This means the mitt can be rinsed periodically to prevent dirt being wiped back onto the paint and inflicting damage to the clear coat.
  • Rinse and dry with a microfiber towel or compressed air to minimise contact with the paintwork to reduce the chance of micro-scratches.

At Diamond Cut Detailing, we only offer safe wash-techniques to ensure the vehicle is properly cleaned and maintained. Some roadside car wash services offer a basic valeting package, using a single bucket and no pre-wash stage. However, rushed techniques like this are likely to cause clear coat scratches and swirl marks which dull the finish.

Instead, at Diamond Cut Detailing all exterior cleans are performed using the best practices including a thorough prewash to remove as much dirt as possible before touching the paintwork. This dramatically reduces risk of inflicting fine clear coat scratches. The pre-wash stage is performed using premium chemicals such as snow foams, and we never use traffic film removers (TFRs) which are corrosive and potentially damaging to the paintwork. Wash-mitts are used which are specifically designed to gently lift dirt off the panels, instead of sponges and brushes which will likely cause scratching and marring.


Exterior Protection

As well as cleaning the exterior, some valeting packages will also include protection of some of the exterior surfaces. This may include:

  • Application of paint protection in the form of a wax or sealant.
  • Application of a tire dressing or gel to protect the rubber and provide a darker look.
  • Alloy wheel protection using a sealant.


Interior Valeting

Interior valeting services also come in various levels, depending on the package selected. Most interior valeting packages include a vacuum followed by cleaning of the mats, steering wheel, windows, plastics and seats. Some packages also include the headliner, boot parcel and shelf, door sills, and the air vents. The next level up includes protecting the interior surfaces using fabric sealants, leather conditioners and sealants, and plastic dressings, however this is commonly referred to as “interior detailing”.

At Diamond Cut Detailing, we offer an interior deep cleaning package using high-end cleaning equipment and products to ensure the most thorough level of cleaning possible.


Popular Packages

As mentioned earlier, there are often different levels of service provided which can be broken down into packages to suit various requirements. Here is a summary of some of the most popular valeting packages available and the pricing.

  • Exterior Wash: the level of service depends where you take your car to be washed. For exterior washes which use premium tools and safe techniques to wash the car without causing clear coat scratches, the cost typically starts at £40.
  • Full Interior: the cost of this package usually depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. Typically, in the UK, this will cost between £50-100.
  • Interior and Exterior Deep Clean: for the highest level of service, the cost in the UK will usually be upwards of £150, again depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.

Many car owners may have heard of the word “detailing”, but most can’t pin down exactly what it means and how it works. Car detailing at a very basic level, is making a vehicle look as close to “brand new” as possible, and even in some cases, “better than new”. However, that doesn’t really even scratch the surface of what actually goes into the detailing process.

Car detailing is the process of improving the condition of a vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance. This involves the most thorough clean possible, any enhancement to deal with minor defects such as clear coat scratches, and protection to maintain the condition.

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Car polishing is a widely misunderstood process, but one that is really important to make the paintwork look as shiny as possible. In this article, we will be going through exactly what the function of a car polish is, the risks, limitations, the process and the preparation required to get the best finish.

Car polishing is the process of removing minor clear coat damage (scratches and swirl marks) using a polishing liquid to flatten the clear coat which increases the gloss-level. The polishing process can be performed by machine or by hand and should be followed by protecting the paint using a wax, sealant or coating.

Diamond Cut Detailing offers single and multistage paint enhancement and correction services. Lewis, the owner and detailer is highly trained in the technique of machine polishing, ensuring the best possible finish in achieved in a safe manner.

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If you are looking for an incredibly long-lasting way to protect your car’s exterior from the elements, then you’ve probably heard of the term “ceramic coating” before. They can be formulated for use on the paint, glass and alloys, to provide years of protection. Here is everything you need to know about ceramic coatings and why they are so beneficial.

Ceramic coatings contain silicon dioxide, typically derived from quartz crystals in a liquid format. When applied to a car’s exterior, the coating forms a clear layer of protection which is very hydrophobic, slick, and durable. The overall aim is to keep the car looking cleaner and newer for longer.

Diamond Cut Detailing offers a ceramic coating service which is performed in a custom-designed detailing facility. Lewis, the owner and detailer, is accredited by industry-leading brands in the world of ceramic coatings, meaning that he is able to apply the most premium coatings available.

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