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Pre Sale Valet | from £150 | 6 hours +

If you’re just about to put your car up for sale, pre-sale valeting will ensure that the car receives lots of interest due to how pristine it is, and will also increase the car’s value on the private market.

The only people buying dirty cars nowadays are the ones that want to clean them up and make a profit on them. Invest your cash into a pre-sale valet and keep all of the profits for yourself. At the very least the cost of the pre sales valeting service can be thrown on top of the cars value, because lots of car buyers, would love to buy a beautifully prepared example.

Pre-sale valeting is a versatile service to meet your requirements, however listed below, is what I would recommend, before putting your car up for sale.

A pre-sales valeting service includes:

  • Snow foam two-bucket safe wash.
  • Wheels fully decontaminated including the inner rim.
  • Tar deposits chemically removed from the paintwork.
  • Iron fallout treatment for the exterior to remove ferrous contamination, if required.
  • Clay bar treatment to the paintwork to remove all final surface contamination.
  • Paintwork hand polished using a Si02 infused polish.
  • Single stage machine polish to remove light swirl marks at extra cost.
  • Si02 spray sealant or a Si02 carnauba wax applied, for long-lasting water repelling protection.
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed.
  • Tyres dressed.
  • Windows polished.

Interior stages:

  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed and dusted including the boot.
  • Plastic, fabric and leather surfaces are cleaned.
  • Plastic surfaces are dressed with Auto Finesse Spritz or Dressle. (Matte or Satin finish.)
  • Interior windows, glass and dials cleaned.
  • Air freshener applied.

*Of course, a Pre-Sale Valeting Service is not limited to the above and it could simply be a case of carrying out a Bronze, Silver or Gold Valet package, to prepare the vehicle for its sale. An Enhancement Detail or Protection Detail would take the exterior’s condition to the next level and would be recommended, for in short, higher value cars. Please get in touch for a tailored pre-sale valet or detail quotation.

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