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new car detailing

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New Car Protection Detail | from £350 | 1 Day +

If you’re about to take delivery of a new car, whether it be a brand new one or just new to you, then a new car protection detail service will protect its paintwork, wheels, windows, plastics and interior fabric or leather surfaces from day one, and will give it the best start in life.

A fully protected car will stay cleaner for longer and will be far easier to clean and will keep those protected surfaces in good condition for longer. Good protection can minimise the risk of damage to your cars paint from UV rays, bird droppings and even the fine scratches which can occur from improper washing techniques.

The process that adds new car protection

I firstly take the time to properly prepare all surfaces that are to be protected, prior to applying your chosen coatings, to ensure that they all achieve maximum durability and performance.

The Pyramid Premium Ceramic Coating is an ideal coating to be carried out on a mobile basis, due to its fast curing times, meaning that the car can be back on the road within 4 hours. This coating covers the paintwork, windows and wheels and will last for 2 years. The Gtechniq interior protection coatings are once again ideal for doing on a mobile basis and will provide unbeatable protection, for your car’s interior surfaces.

Exterior Process:

  • Snow foam two-bucket safe wash.
  • Wheels fully decontaminated including the inner rim.
  • Complete exterior decontamination process including tar deposit removal and iron/ferrous contamination removal.
  • Paintwork clay barred to remove all final bonded surface contamination.
  • Single stage machine polish to enhance the condition of the paintwork and to remove any light/fine swirl marks.
  • Paintwork wiped down with panel wipe (isopropyl alcohol) to form the ideal surface for ceramic coating application.
  • Pyramid ceramic coating is applied to the paintwork, windows and wheels.
  • Tyres dressed and the door shuts/sills are cleaned.

Interior Process:

  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed and dusted.
  • Leather/fabric/plastics can be deep cleaned if required.
  • Gtechniq fabric guard applied.
  • Gtechniq leather guard applied.
  • Gtechniq matte dash applied.
  • Interior windows, glass and dials cleaned.
  • Air freshener applied, if required.

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