Diamond Cut Lighting

How it Happened?

Recently we decided to invest a substantial amount of money in refitting our unit into a bespoke car enthusiasts paradise. Lighting was one of the main features that we couldn’t decide on what to do, until we found a manufacturer for our amazing Hexagon LED Lighting System.

Since installing the lighting system it has gained us attention from people all over the world. This has resulted in us getting requests from lots of other businesses (i.e. Detailers,  Beauty Salons, Photographers, Car Showrooms and Office Spaces) for us to install the same lighting in their own environment.

We are now happy to announce that we are now one of the only UK sellers and can provide you with high quality LED Hexagon Lighting for all your business needs. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or if you only want 1 Hexagon  or if you want 1000+.

Technical Specifications

No, we can provide the Hexagons in varies sizes, we recommend sending over your requirements so we can see what you require.

The LED lights are a bright white at 110-120lm/w Lumen.

The frame is made from Aluminium with a PC cover.

We specialise in UK delivery but we can ship our products all over the world if required.

No, the lighting is Plug & Play.


Further info

Please fill in the “Request Information” form or you can contact us via email at info@diamindcutdetailing.co.uk.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and high demand for this product we may take a little longer answering your query.

We aim to get back to you with all lighting enquiries in 24-48 hours.

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Diamond Cut Lighting